Leaving on a jet plane…

Kids, I’m moving the blog. WordPress just isn’t doing it for me. I haaatteeee changing because I’m afraid I’ll lose some readers, but I’m gonna do it.

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The Way My Mind Works

So my regular weigh-in day is Friday, right? So, I didn’t have the best weekend and I’ve been doing pretty good this week. So I decided to weigh myself this morning to see how I’m doing.


I’m up 2 lbs. Ugh. It’s frustrating. So I decide, “Screw it, I’m not going to the gym, what’s the point?” So I put on regular clothes to go to class. And I fumed. And then I read a couple blogs. And then I decided, “Duh. If you don’t go to the gym, and you have this ‘screw it’ attitude today, you’re going to binge.”

And that’s exactly what I’ll do. So, I put my workout clothes on and I’m going to the gym after class, dammit.


I don’t have any. Grace that is. I just fell coming into my house. From our deck into the garage you have to step down. Well it was wet on the deck from rain and as I stepped down onto the concrete floor of the garage, my foot slid out from under me and I whacked my face on the door frame, scraped up my hand, and somehow, I think my foot went under the door, it broke my toenail down to the quick and man does that hurt. My face is a bit sore. Cripes.

Anyway, other than that I’ve had a good Monday. I’ve stayed below my projected calories, enough so that I can have a small snack tonight, and I hit the gym. I’ve got three days to see 277! I can do this!


But not on the weight front, thank goodness!! My kids have me in a funk. I have 9 year old twin boys. They’ll be 10 soon. And they really are bored with me. I just asked them if they wanted to go outside with me. Their response? “Nah, we’re drawing.” Huh. Ok.

And it’s been getting more and more so. Do all kids go through this? Are they preparing for those teen years when I’m not cool anymore?!!!

Say it isn’t so!

Getting There

Well kids, when I weighed in this morning I was at 280.4.  I am 3.4 lbs away from where I was when I quit Weight Watchers.  I’ll be happy to see 277!

The elliptical and I are becoming pretty good friends.  I’m still trying to figure out workouts Friday-Sunday, but I’ll get that figured out.

For dinner tonight I’m making spaghetti, but I don’t love spaghetti, so I’m trying something different for myself.  I used ground turkey and added in onions, green peppers, and zucchini.  With the filler I’ll add in less noodles.  I’m excited to try it!

Hope everyone else is doing fabulous!

I leave you with me…post workout. 🙂

A Light Bulb?

I’ve always searched for the reason I got so heavy.  And I’ve never really come up with a definitive answer.  My childhood was good, no traumatic events, nothing weird that sticks out.  But I’ve always assumed it had to be something horrible, otherwise, why would I do this to myself?  Well, weirdly enough Andrea over at A Cake for a Wife posted this blog about weight and money and I gotta tell you–she hit the nail on the head.

Food is comfort.  It is cheap comfort.  It was the little treats that my mom would make for us.  It was huge helpings of homemade mac ‘n’ cheese, chili cheese fries, deep fried goodness.  My mom wasn’t trying to make us unhealthy, she was trying to make up for what she couldn’t provide.  We didn’t take summer vacations; we hung out together at home.

I can always tell when times are good here at home now that I’m an adult.  The fridge is stocked with fruits and veggies and good for you foods.  But when we have to stretch the money (like right now), the food gets cheaper and worse for me.

Now, I know some will argue that fruits and veggies aren’t any more expensive than that junk food crap.  And I agree to a certain extent.  But let me break this down:  One bag of Lays Potato chips: $2.50–lasts 3-4 days (or longer depending), one pound of grapes: $1.99–lasts for one day.  A pound of grapes isn’t that much, my friend.

But is this an excuse to eat badly?  Well, it certainly shouldn’t be.  It certainly shouldn’t be.

I got an award!!

Annie from Annie Weighs made my day with an award!!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Nominate fifteen newly discovered blogs.
4. Let your nominees know about the award.

1. Thank you so much, Annie!! Awards are fun!!
2. Seven things about me:

  • I’m going to school to become an elementary teacher.
  • I hate mushrooms with a passion.  They literally give me the heebie jeebies.
  • I believe in past lives. And future lives for that matter. (I believe I was a bird in a past life, a person of noble blood in the 1500’s, and that I was an ocean creature at some point.)
  • I’d rather it be raining/thundering/lightning than any other type of weather.
  • I wish it were fall year round.
  • I don’t like having people at my house.  It gives me extreme anxiety.
  • I want a full leg sleeve tattoo.

3.  New blogs:

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Healthy Stride

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Ex-Hot Girl

Confessions of a + Sized Girl

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I don’t think that’s 15, and some aren’t new, but those are the blogs that I read religiously.

4.  I’m on my way to let these awesome people know!!

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