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So, I was skeptical of the scale this week.  Today’s my 30th birthday and I’ve had quite the week food-wise. Wednesday they released The Wizard of Oz to select theaters for it’s 70th anniversary.  Well, that just so happens to be my favorite movie.  So I had to go see it.  And who can go to the movies without popcorn? And who can pass up all that butter? And soda?  Not me.  No. Not me. I ate popcorn, drenched in butter.  I drank part of the bucket  of soda that I shared with my sons.  And then. They wanted McDonalds.  So. I ate McDonalds.  And then this weekend my husband whisked me out of town and while I did better than I would have had I not been on WW, I had to have Cold Stone Creamery.  I cannot pass that place up.  Eight little words my friends: cake batter ice cream, graham cracker, yellow cake.  Mmm.  Mix it all together and it’s better than sex.  Really. That’s what got me into this predicament.  But all that story leads me to the scale tonight. (I exercised this week though! Even at 11 o’clock p.m. after the movie, even at the hotel!)  And it paid off. I lost 1.4 lbs!!  Bringing me to a grand total of 6 lbs! I couldn’t be happier!  It makes me realize that I don’t have to be *perfect* to do good!



So I hit another wall.  I went to my first counseling/therapy session today only to be told that I have to meet my $10,000 (yes, that says ten thousand) deductible before the insurance company will pay.  And the first visit was well over $300.  So I had to say no.  It sucks. I really thought I might get to the bottom of this.  Shucks.  I’m trying not to be down about it, but I kind of am.

Reason #5: I want to feel like having sex with my husband again.

The Big Picture

I spend entirely too much time looking at the big picture. And that picture overwhelms me.  It makes me want to give up. It makes my beast wake up and claw at me, telling me it’s not possible, that I’ll never get there.  The big picture is 100 pounds.  130 if you go by Weight Watchers big picture.  But will I ever weigh 170 lbs? No. I don’t want to.  When I graduated from high school I weighed around 200 and I was in a size 14 (I’m tall) and I think that’s more realistic to me. But wow, 100 pounds? So, at our meeting last night it finally hit me, I cannot look at that big picture. I need to look at all those little pictures that make up that big pictures.  You know those ones that are tinly little pictures that make up those huge ones? Yea, like that.  So I used to think that 10 pound goals were what I needed to look at.  But I think that even that is too much sometimes.  So my new little picture is 5 pound goals.  I have 20 five pound goals to make.  And that sure looks better than 100.  Five

Reason #5: I want to get a tattoo where I can actually show it off and not be embarrassed about it.

The Results Are In!!!

Well kids, I had my first weigh-in tonight. I was hoping for at least 2 lbs.  That’s realistic, that’s a number I can live with.  Well, I didn’t lost 2 lbs.  I lost 4.6!!!!!!!!!!!  So excited.  What a great way to start out huh?

Reason #4: So I can dance wildly anytime, anywhere without jiggles of fat jiggling around. 🙂

The Beast

It lives. Inside me, right now.  It forced me to eat an oreo (my true weakness), a poptart and a handful of Goldfish Ranch crackers. I hate you, you vile beast.  Get off my back.


Reason #3: That chick Amy from LA Ink, that’s the kind of chick that’s living inside of me begging to get out (minus the insanely huge lips). I won’t let her out though…don’t need any of that unnecessary attention yet.



Walk power walk, walk power walk.  I’m walked out. I’ve got this Walk Off the Pounds DVD. It’s brutal with these tree trunk legs of mine…or elephant legs.  Whichever way you want to look at it, lol. Which leads me tooooo–

Reason #2:  I don’t want tree trunks for legs.  I’d also like to say goodbye to my cankles so I can actually wear capris without feeling horribly self conscious.  Yikes.


I’d like to put a new reason up every day as to why I want to lose weight.  This should be fun.

Reason #1: So that I can eat the biggest freakin’ cheeseburger without getting those glaring, “Oh my god, look at that fat girl chowing down on that burger,”  looks.  Mmm…cheeseburger.  Fuddruckers.  *Drool*

No really. I drooled a little.

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