So I hit another wall.  I went to my first counseling/therapy session today only to be told that I have to meet my $10,000 (yes, that says ten thousand) deductible before the insurance company will pay.  And the first visit was well over $300.  So I had to say no.  It sucks. I really thought I might get to the bottom of this.  Shucks.  I’m trying not to be down about it, but I kind of am.

Reason #5: I want to feel like having sex with my husband again.


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  1. becklette
    Sep 25, 2009 @ 13:35:52

    ugh. insurance companies suck.

    thank’s for the comment. i don’t know if you were around before i deleted a lot of the more personal stuff, but i was dieting at seven or eight–obviously under my mom’s instruction– and she’s been on a diet literally since i was born. at 53 she’s still pushing for the last ten, even though, HI, YOU’RE FIFTY THREE. i can’t imagine doing this for twenty-some more years, i think i would leave my husband as an act of mercy. my dad is a saint.


  2. Jennifer
    Sep 25, 2009 @ 14:17:55

    I like the new look to your blog, and I *hear ya* when it comes to insurance. We just moved our $3500 deductible plan up to a 10k deductible plan because our premiums were otherwise going to go up to $1008 per month! I’m thinking: “Oh goody. Now I only have to pay $480 for insurance per month” but the truth is that now I will have to pay 10k in a given year before my insurance actually does anything for me. Ugh!


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