Get In My Belly!!!

I want food. A lot of food.  I want chips and dip, Oreo’s, toast with loads of butter, pizza with extra cheese, anything Mexican (my chihuahua is looking good right now even), I just want food.  I’m having a hard time bouncing back from vacation it seems.  I didn’t go crazy on vacation but I sure didn’t neglect myself either.  Bottom line: eating good for three weeks and then eating bad for a week makes it hard to climb back into the saddle.  My mom suggested I go ahead and step on her scale so I can see where I’m at so I don’t feel so lost.  I might have to do that.  But I do know one thing, I need to get a grip or the dog’s gonna end up in my belly!


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  1. Jennifer
    Oct 15, 2009 @ 02:51:15

    Yes, I can see where a week of bad eating could easily undo three weeks of good. Whenever I splurge, I tell myself that it is only for one meal, or for one snack or for one dessert. If there are lots of meals and snacks and desserts back to back that qualify as poor food choices, it becomes habitual and hard to undo. That is where I have found myself falling off the wagon in the past.

    Be strong girl! Tell yourself that if you have a salad for lunch tomorrow then you’ll allow yourself one Oreo for dessert. (something that gives into your crave but only a tiny bit, and only after your main meal has been something healthy)


  2. bluenotes
    Oct 15, 2009 @ 02:58:33

    ahh this is how i’ve felt ALL day! i’ve been doing pretty well on my diet, but I fell asleep with the foodnetwork on and woke up to emeril lagase making dessert. How am i supposed to NOT think about peanutbutter and chocolate icecream all day?!

    my tip? maybe it’s just me, but it really helps to just stay away from it period. and start out with a healthy breakfast, i feel like once I start healthy i kind of get into the swing of things.
    also, if i have a craving, what has been working for me is: I wait to do anything until the next meal. I make sure the meal follows my diet, and then I wait like 15 minutes and i drink some water. If i STILL want the icecream/tacobell/whatever, i go and get it. but 95% of the time, my healthy meal leaves me satisfied.


    • kelerific
      Oct 15, 2009 @ 03:24:34

      You’re so right, when I start out good, it’s easier for the rest of the day to follow in those footsteps. I also love exercising (well not the act itself) because when I do that, I’m less apt to eat bad because I don’t want to undo all the hard work I’ve just done!


      • bluenotes
        Oct 15, 2009 @ 06:11:49

        I understand completely! I totally broke my diet for the first time today, But I tried to put it into perspective for myself- this isn’t a diet, this is a lifestyle. I’ve ALWAYS got to eat healthier, for the rest of my life!
        Just keep going!
        Since this is a lifestyle, you have to realize that occasionally in your life you’re gonna eat whatever bad food it is you want. As long as your regularly eating healthy, you’re okay. (this shouldn’t justify eating junk, just keep you going & know it’s not the end of the world!)

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