I recently purchaced Jillian Michaels “30 Day Shred” workout DVD. I decided that this afternoon, since no one was at home to witness me me flailing about the living room, would be a great day to try it.  I thought, “Hey, how hard can it be?”  Ha! Famous last words.  I made it an excruciating 5 minutes.  I was weezing so hard I was sure the neighbors could hear me and the paramedics would be knocking at my door.  Jumping jacks? For reals?  Push ups?  Ha!
So yea.  Good times.  Maybe next time I can do 6 minutes.


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  1. bluenotes
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 02:04:12

    omg that program is CRAZY hard! and you know what? I’ve realized recently that you don’t need to work your butt off to loose weight. I used to always work out SO hard at the gym and never see any results, and i know why now- t’s all about your heart rate! You can go online and figure out your target heart rate for fat burning, and just stay in that range. If you go over, you’re just burning sugar out of your blood stream, and you won’t be burning any fat!
    And it’s a lot easier than you think… my target heart rate is between 115-132. To stay in that range, I walk between 2.0-3.0 mph on the treadmill. It’s super easy!
    I hope this helps you. I know that when I found out this information, i wanted to kill myself for working my as* off at the gym for so long when it wasn’t necessary. just take a walk!! =)


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