Oh hai.

No, I haven’t fallen off the wagon.

No, I haven’t ran away to a private island in the sun.

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

I’m right here.  Working my way down the scale.  I’ve made some progress! I’m down 14 lbs.  I’m so close to 20 I can taste it.  I have exercised 5 days in a row! I’m determined to hit my 5% on Monday (15 lbs).  I can do this!


Well, hello…

I’ve been quiet lately.  I’m sorry.  I’ve just been soooo busy…again.  I’m ready for this semester to be over.  I’m over it.  Four more weeks and I get a nice long 6 week break from school until I start next semester.  That makes me one happy girl.

On the weight loss front.  I squeeked out .2 lbs this past week giving me a grand total of 9.6.  I’m itching for that 10.  I only exercised once last week so that’s what I’m contributing that tiny loss to.  But as most of you who are on this journey, any loss is a loss.  So onward and upward I say!