A new path?

At first I wanted this blog to be a place to air my dirty little secret…my weight.  But I don’t just have to talk about that here.  There’s so much more to me than this monkey on my back.

P.S. The monkey on my back?  It’s not going anywhere right now. And it sucks.  Suuccckksss.  Dammit. I’ve not been to WW in like 2 weeks.  And when I did go back a couple weeks ago? 2.8 lbs of that monkey had found me.  Dammit!! (Did I say that already?)   Why the feck can I gain 2.8 lbs in two weeks but it takes me like 3-4 to lose that much?  Dam.mit.

Dear Holidays,

I’m sorry that I’m using you for my scapegoat, but I am.  Please go away so I can continue on my merry little path of prying this damned fat ass monkey off my fecking back.




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