Not today, I’ve got a headache.

Geez. I can always come up with a great excuse not to jump back on that proverbial wagon. Today it was because my mom wanted to eat at Sonic. So instead of ordering healthy, I did not. I won’t bore you with the sordid details of what I ate. But it wasn’t good. Well, it was good, but you know, it wasn’t good. I also had a side of guilt to go along with it.

I’m terrified to find out how much of those hard lost 15 lbs I’ve gained back. How do you guys who’ve lost so much weight do it? Where the hell do I find that willpower?


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  1. Jennifer
    Dec 22, 2009 @ 20:42:15

    Do you, perhaps, have a friend or family member that would be willing to make a wager? Sometimes a friendly bet helps motivate me. For example, if I am having a hard time sticking with something, I put some money where my mouth is then feel a bit more compelled to stick to it knowing that I’ll be doubly hurt if I don’t (emotionally/physically and financially).

    Just a thought…

    Also, I had a friend remind me recently how our friends and family sometimes can sabotage our weight loss efforts worse than others. Does your mom know you are trying to lose weight? If she does, why would she suggest Sonic as a place to eat out? If she doesn’t, tell her!

    Then, your mom can be an ally in your fight instead of an enemy. The ones closest to us have quite a bit of influence, and why not make the influence positive instead of negative?


  2. kelerific
    Dec 22, 2009 @ 20:46:15

    You know the funny thing is, my mom is on WW with me!!! But the thing is, she’s a lifetime member, meaning she doesn’t have to pay for the weeks she misses, so to her it’s I guess, not a big loss, but I pay monthly so I feel exceptionaly guilty that I’m paying for it and not using it this month. We’re each other’s worst enemies when it comes to food. And we realize that. We’ve talked about it. I feel so defeated some days…weeks for that matter. This has been a whole month of defeat for me. I like your wager idea though!


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