Sick as a dog…

I’m so sick.  I won’t go into details to save you some horrific images that you just don’t need…but let’s just say that the bathroom and I have become very good friends today.

But. I did decide to drag my sick ass to WW tonight.  I just couldn’t see waiting another week to jump back in.  Sick or not.  So I get there.  I take my coat off.  I make my small pleasantries with the weigh-in lady and I step on.  Sure that I’ve probably gained an additional 2 or 3 pounds to the 2.8 that I gained the last time I was there.  (Last time the scale read 290.4.)

I’m looking at the number and it’s not computing.  It says 286.0.  Really? Weigh-in lady sings, “You lost 4.4 lbs!!”  Me: “Wow. Shocked and appalled.”

Is it possible to expel over 4 lbs of grossness into the toilet?  Just saying.  I’ve not been good.  I’ve not been horrible but I’ve not been good. I’ve not exercised a lick in weeks.

Please don’t let it just be because I’m sick.


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  1. Jennifer
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 01:03:08

    In my experience (but I haven’t been sick too many times in my life) weight loss and vomiting seem to go hand in hand. You lose so much water weight when you have that type of illness that you can’t help but lose weight.

    Now, the optimist in me says “Hey, weight is weight!” and congratulations on losing it but something tells me it will come back as soon as you are feeling better.

    Hey, I know… use the scale reading as incentive to eat really well and exercise lots and make the pounds be gone for real — they might even be on top of what the scale says you’ve already lost!

    Think positive, and I hope you feel better soon! Oh, and good job dragging yourself to the WW meeting. You’ve got the right attitude.


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