Non-Scale Victory!

So I have this wool coat, kind of like a pea coat, like this:

Black, not quite as long.

Aaannnyway, I paid a fortune for this coat and the past 3 winters I’ve been unhappy with it because I can’t button up the bottom button because my butt is too big and when I sit in the car with it on it’s so uncomfortable that I have to take it off to drive.  Well, it’s gotten pretty cold again the past couple days and when I go to school I have to walk a bit to get into the building, so I decided that I’d suck it up and wear it because it’s soooo warm, unbuttoned an all.  So…I slip it on…and start to button from the top down and I notice something…the freakin’ thing buttons up all the way down!!!!!  Yaaay!!!  *Happy Dance*


Death Warmed Over…

I’m so sick.  I have a horrendous cold.  I feel like a train slammed into me.  My throat hurts.  I’m freezing.  And then I’m hot.  And freezing.  I’ve barely moved out of my bed today.  Needless to say no exercising has been done.  But on the plus side, I’m too sore to get up and scavenge for food, which is really what I want to do.  Even if my throat hurts this bad, I want some comforting food.  But the kitchen is to far away.  Thank goodness.

I’m getting back in bed.

I hate you cupcakes!!

And I’m a teensy bit mad at myself for allowing those damned cupcakes to talk me into eating them.  Now, the ones I have leftover are still all accounted for.  I’m just talking about the ones that snuck into my mouth  during the party.  But…I did lose .4 lbs.  Almost half a pound so I won’t complain too much.

School is murderous this semester.  I have so much homework that I’m not sure how I’m going to keep my head above water.  But I’ll manage.  I always find a way.

Now…I’m off to go throw those cupcakes to the birds…

Another Week

Well, nearly a week has gone by since I blogged last.  I had hoped that I would start blogging more, but it’s been a crazy first week bak to school–even though I only went on Wednesday last week.  I had tons of homework though.

I’ve done fairly well this past week, with the exception of Saturday.  We had my nephew’s first birthday party and there was too much food.  I ate too much.  But I came home and ran for 15 minutes.  Guys, that’s a lot for me, it really is.

There’s cupcakes calling me in the kitchen.  Leftover crap from the party.  I want a cupcake, but I don’t.  Not worth it.  Not today anyway.  I’ll save it for my cheat for tomorrow after weigh in.  Yes, I’m still going to have my after weigh in cheat.  It’s my prize to myself.

Here’s to tomorrow’s weigh in. 🙂


I have some motivation.  I lost 2.2 lbs this week! I feel like I’m finally getting back in the game.

I am 5.2 lbs away from 20.

Come on!

So close.

I’m back to only 12.6 lbs lost as you can see.  I’m tired of this yo-yo crap.  I’m tired of feeling sabotaged.  Not going to go into that though.  But the good news is that I start classes again on Wednesday and that should kick my butt back into routine.  I thought I didn’t need it.  Turns out I do.

I’ve also been so good about exercising this week.  I’ve exercised every night except Tuesday. (Monday night is weigh in at WW and therefore my “free night”–more about that in a minute.)  So 4 nights in a row! Exciting.

So, I was reading Jen’s blog over at Ex-Hot Girl (which she’s totally not an Ex-Hot Girl anymore, she’s totally cutetastic!) and she was saying how she just doesn’t cheat.  Which I think is super awesome.  But every time I’m on WW I use weigh in night as my “free night.”  After weigh in, I eat whatever it is I’ve been craving all week.  Doesn’t matter if it’s ice cream, or a huge cheeseburger from Sonic, but I do it.  I figure it keeps me sane.  What about you guys? Do any of you cheat once a week?  (If you’re reading this…lol…my readers seem to be few!)

Two more days til weigh in!

Too good to be true…

Ok so, I went to weigh in on Monday night.  I successfully gained back 4 of the 4.4 lbs that I lost.  So yea…turns out you really can expel 4 lbs of waste from your body in one day.  Huh.  But on the bright side, .4 of that stayed gone!

I did 33 minutes on the Wii Active this morning, I burned around 256 calories.  I got make my own workout which I loved.  I did some dancing, some boxing, some basketball, some strength stuff and some other things.  It was quite a work out.  When I go back to school next week I’m going to hate not being able to do it in the mornings.  Oh well, I will adapt.

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