So close.

I’m back to only 12.6 lbs lost as you can see.  I’m tired of this yo-yo crap.  I’m tired of feeling sabotaged.  Not going to go into that though.  But the good news is that I start classes again on Wednesday and that should kick my butt back into routine.  I thought I didn’t need it.  Turns out I do.

I’ve also been so good about exercising this week.  I’ve exercised every night except Tuesday. (Monday night is weigh in at WW and therefore my “free night”–more about that in a minute.)  So 4 nights in a row! Exciting.

So, I was reading Jen’s blog over at Ex-Hot Girl (which she’s totally not an Ex-Hot Girl anymore, she’s totally cutetastic!) and she was saying how she just doesn’t cheat.  Which I think is super awesome.  But every time I’m on WW I use weigh in night as my “free night.”  After weigh in, I eat whatever it is I’ve been craving all week.  Doesn’t matter if it’s ice cream, or a huge cheeseburger from Sonic, but I do it.  I figure it keeps me sane.  What about you guys? Do any of you cheat once a week?  (If you’re reading this…lol…my readers seem to be few!)

Two more days til weigh in!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tara
    Jan 16, 2010 @ 22:03:33

    I don’t really “cheat”. If I am really craving something (and by really, I mean wanting it doesn’t go away after a couple of days), I’ll eat it. I just figure out how much it will “cost” me and then adjust the rest of my day accordingly.

    Good luck getting back into your routine! I always find that helps me stay on track!


  2. Jennifer
    Jan 17, 2010 @ 10:46:49

    I do occasionally cheat. I think it’s normal. But, I don’t think you should “plan” a cheat for after weigh-in — especially if you haven’t “earned” it. How about setting criteria, like if you have lost two pounds in the previous week, then treat yourself. Or, how about limiting the excess, as in a junior size ice cream cone or a mini-size scoop of ice cream rather than a larger portion. Or, get a cheeseburger and share it with someone.

    The foods you love should still be enjoyed, but only in moderation and only once in a while. If you can limit yourself, you’ll also be limiting the extra calorie intake. And, like Tara said, calculate how much it will “cost” you so that you can adjust the calorie intake for the rest of the day accordingly.

    Good luck at weigh-in tomorrow!


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