I’ve lost a 2 year old…

Okay not literally.  But…drum roll please…drrrrr (think Christmas Vacation drum roll) drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………..

I hit 25 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25.4 to be precise.  I have lost what amounts to an average 2 year old.  One more 2 year old and I’ll be to prepregnancy weight.  So…what other things weigh 25 lbs?



I started my vegetable garden today!  I shoveled, I cultivated, I hoed, I sweated and then I laid out on my deck.  Probably not the best idea, but I’m determined this year to not be a pale-ass vampire.  And haven’t you ever heard that fat looks better tan? Haha!   I think tans are so sexy, so I think I’m going to a tanning place and do it the “safe” way.  They say the beds are safer than the actual sun.  And they say that the reason that people get skin cancer is because they burn.  You should never, ever burn when you tan.  You have to build up apparently.

In other news…well there is no other news.  I so want this semester to be over…but I don’t know why, I have a summer class this summer, right in the middle of the day that I have to drive 45 minutes each way to, so I’ll leave my house at 9:45 and not get home until about 1.  And that’s four days a week…for six weeks.  Half my summer.  Ok, Ok, I shouldn’t complain, most people don’t get a summer vacation.  But still…I wasn’t banking on a summer class.  Balls.

Ok. That’s all.


I hit 24.4 lbs.   Kids, that’s .6 away from 25!!!  So.close.

I just wanna sleep…

Having such a bad day.  I have lady bit problems.  I’ve had them for a long time and I thought that in November of ’08 with a simple procedure, I was done with them.  Well now I’m having more issues.  And guess what?  The nurse practitioner has no idea what’s going on and the best I can get from her is…well…I guess we’ll just keep an eye on it.  Oh. Okay.  I’ll just keep an eye on this weird phantom pain that I have going on.  Good thinking.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…why not go get a second opinion?  Well my insurance runs out the end of May.  That’s not even two months.  And you all, I’m sure, know how long it takes to get answers and procedures set up…it can take 2-3 months.  There’s just no time.

It took 3 years for them to help me with my first round of problems…I cannot deal with this again.  Argh.

Maybe, baby.

Weigh-in was tonight.  But first let me tell you how my week went for the build up.

Monday: The boys (husband and sons) started our deck.  No exercise for me, it was weigh-in day.

Tuesday: The boys continued working on the deck.  My exercise: hauling 35-16 foot long (about a million lbs each) boards from the front yard to the back yard.

Wednesday:  The boys continued working on the deck. My exercise: nothing.

Thursday: The boys…that’s right, continued on the deck.  My exercise:  I painted the entire 16 x 24 food deck framing.

Friday: The boys…well you got the point.  My exercise:  I don’t even remember…nothing I think.

Saturday: The boys took a break…the deck is nearly finished.  My exercise: I walked for an hour.

Sunday: I ate.  And I ate.  And I…ate.  Okay, it wasn’t that bad.  I did pretty good for a holiday.

The results?!  I lost 1 lb.  I’m proud of that loss.  I feel like I didn’t do great last week, but turns out, it wasn’t half bad at all.

I’m back to -23.4 lbs.  The highest weight I’ve lost so far.  I’m so close to 25…again.  I can do this.