Sabotage.  I do it to myself all.the.time.  I don’t know why.

Take yesterday for instance.  I did the Shred.  Felt awesome all day.  Ate an excellent breakfast and lunch.  And then came dinner.  My husband was dying for fried fish.  Ok, no big deal.  It was catfish; I don’t like catfish.  So I was safe from that.  And I make the worlds worst hushpuppies…so they were avoidable too.  But.  What else do I have to have with fish?  Cheese grits and cole slaw.  I had to.  There is no sane reason other than: that’s how my family has always done it so that’s what I was going to do.  Now.  If I could have controlled myself there should have been no problem.  Right? Right.

Three servings of grits, two (lackluster) hushpuppies, one serving of cole slaw later…I felt guilty.  I shouldn’t have.  But I did.  And that lead to…two chocolate chip cookies…which lead to a late night snack of a bowl of leftover grits.

Agh.  I know it’s normal to fall back…but I feel like I fall back too much.  I’m too easily swayed into “well, you already did bad…might as well just go for it and start over tomorrow.”   I’m so tired of “starting over.”

If I fall back, there’s no sense in totally effing up the whole day.  Just pick up right at that minute and go forward.

Today’s a new day.  No sabotage.

P.S. I just finished day 2 of The Shred.  Less breaks this time!


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  1. Jennifer
    May 29, 2010 @ 12:35:47

    I’ve never had grits, so I can’t vouch for their nutritional content. But, I’m wondering if perhaps you have the order opposite? Instead of three servings of grits, two hushpuppies and one serving of cole slaw, how about three cole slaw, (two hushpuppies) and one serving of grits? Assuming you like all three food items, how about filling your plate more with the vegetable (in this case cabbage) and still enjoy the other things but in smaller quantities? Also, if you can agree to trying single servings of everything except vegetables, I like to start with a vegetable, then eat meats and other things, then finish up with more vegetables (instead of seconds of those other things) if I’m still hungry.

    I don’t know. Just a thought.

    I’m glad to hear that you followed up a sabotage day with intense exercise. That had to feel good!


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