Good Things

Good things have been happening here.

  • I joined the gym.
  • I’ve done three consecutive days at said gym.
  • I’ve done three consecutive days of one hour/day on the elliptical at said gym
  • I’ve lost the weight I suspect I’ve gained after yet another “break.”  At least I’m pretty sure I did.  Tonight my Wii said I weight *exactly* the same as I did three weeks ago.  So I was ecstatic to see that.  I’m going to weigh in again in the morning, because a. three weeks ago I weighed in in the morning and I want it to be accurate and b. we all know that we usually weigh less in the morning.
  • I’m so freaking sore.  But in that good way….

Except for my knees.  They crunch, they have for a while.  Kids, this is what being heavy does to us.  So now they hurt…I suspect it’s just me getting used to the new workout.  I hope so anyway.  I’m contemplating a visit to my chiropractor to ask him about it.

Hope everyone has been good.



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So. I’m jealous.  A blogger that I keep up with, Jewlia, (JuliaGoulia) is 5.1 lbs away away from my first personal goal of 250 and she looks amazing!  So why am I jealous?  Psh.  She made it there!  I haven’t.  Boo.

But.  With that said…whose fault is that?  Mine.  I can only look at myself and say, “Hey, you could be there too if you’d quit taking these “breaks” that you keep taking.”  Duh, Kelly…duh.

I joined a gym today.  I need something new.  I’m tired of my at home stuff.

I fear I’ve gained some weight, but I refuse to weigh.  I just can’t do it.  So I’m not weighing myself until the day before I go on my trip to Chicago, which is on June 18th.  So on Thursday, June 17th, I will weigh myself.  I am going to workout, eat right, sleep enough, and drink enough water.  I am going to rock this.


Kids, I’m doing it.  I’m going to run (that’s right, I said run) a 5K.  I found one in November.  Now, that may seem far off, but…it won’t be hot. 😉  That’s the only reason I’m waiting 5 months to do it.

This has given me so much motivation that it’s ridiculous.


I ran today!  I did my usual almost 3 mile walk this morning, but I added in 4 sprints.  I guess they were about 30 seconds each.  My shin splints acted up, but I pushed through them…excruciating as that was.

I’m in a better place I think.  This is a constant, everyday struggle.  I think I’ve gotten somewhere and then I look at myself in the mirror and realize that I’ve so much longer to go.

I still have my days were I fall off and just say screw it.  But, I usually talk myself back into my routine.  I need to remember that I’m not doing this for the fun of it.  I’m doing this for my health and for me.

I think I’m going to look for a 5k to run for this fall…eeps.

In a Slump

I’m in a slump.  A hole.  A stopping point.

I’m aggravated.

I’m unmotivated.

I’m stressed.

I just want to give up.

I’ve been watching Biggest Loser obsessively.  I finished up this current season, I’m almost finished with last season.  And I obsessed all night.  Literally.  I dreamed about Biggest Loser.  It’s all I thought about while I was trying to fall asleep, it was there when I’d wake up in the middle of the night.  I’ve been obsessing over getting a BodyBugg.  But they’re like $200 and after your initial free subscription period is up, you have to pay for it monthly.  I can’t afford any of that.  I’ve tried to think of every which way to get one.  I even contemplated emailing the company and groveling…but they probably get that all the time.  Bah!  Biggest Loser…you’ve stressed me out!  I think I need to lay off a little bit.

I don’t know what to do with myself.  I am so bored with my at-home equipment.  I’m sick of using it.  I want to join the gym but because of financial restraints, it’s unrealistic until maybe September.  That’s three months.  I had to cancel WW because of the financial crap too.  I’m terrified I’m going to put all my hard lost 25 lbs back on.  I already slipped this weekend.

Ugh.  I had it all planned out in my head the past week.  I had my plan down to a T.  But I can’t make myself go in the living room and do anything.  My husband is home and I just can’t workout if I know someone else is here.  It’s weird.

I’d like to go take a walk but a. if my shin splints act up, I may beat the crap out of a random person.  It’s so frustrating to not be able to do the most simple of exercises.  (I know, I know…work through the pain…) and b. I hate walking at the park when there’s a kazillion people there and there’s sure to be since it’s summer break.

So here I sit…3 hours after I’ve dropped the kids off at summer school…and I’ve done nothing but eat a bowl of Reese’s cereal.

(Don’t take this rant for a pity party…ok, maybe it is.  But I know what I should be doing, I know I *can* do it.  I’m just tired of it right now.)


I went to the park for a walk and surprisingly there wasn’t anyone there.  No one.  I was shocked.  I busted out 40 minutes in the humidity.  By the time all was said and done I was a hot sweaty mess.  It felt good.  Must I always forget how accomplished I feel after I’ve done something good for myself?