So. I’m jealous.  A blogger that I keep up with, Jewlia, (JuliaGoulia) is 5.1 lbs away away from my first personal goal of 250 and she looks amazing!  So why am I jealous?  Psh.  She made it there!  I haven’t.  Boo.

But.  With that said…whose fault is that?  Mine.  I can only look at myself and say, “Hey, you could be there too if you’d quit taking these “breaks” that you keep taking.”  Duh, Kelly…duh.

I joined a gym today.  I need something new.  I’m tired of my at home stuff.

I fear I’ve gained some weight, but I refuse to weigh.  I just can’t do it.  So I’m not weighing myself until the day before I go on my trip to Chicago, which is on June 18th.  So on Thursday, June 17th, I will weigh myself.  I am going to workout, eat right, sleep enough, and drink enough water.  I am going to rock this.


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