All about this girl…

My name is Kelly, I go by Kel.

I have twin sons.

I’m married…for the second time.

I’m fat.  But that’s not going to last this time.

I have mild anxiety.

I’m slightly OCD.

I have insomnia sporadically.

I hate the town I live in.

I’m going to school to become an elementary school teacher.

I love the rain.

I hate talking on the phone.

I do not like company at my house.  In fact, I hide if someone knocks on my doors.  No joke.

I hate summer.  *hate*

I am a dork.

I love to people watch.  More than shopping.  Gimme a soda and park me on a bench at the mall and I’m in heaven.  Let me watch people.

I’m hilarious…but I don’t convey that well in my writing.

That is all.


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