Not too bad

So bowling didn’t go too badly. I only ate two pieces of super thin crust cheese pizza and a tiny bit of Mountain Dew. And we bowled our hearts out. And here was dinner: (cucumber, tomato, green pepper, feta, onion, and dill salad-all it except the onions were from either my or my moms garden, and a spinach and lettuce and chicken salad with all kinds if good stuff in it)


It’s the Weekend…

It’s here. My dreaded 3-day weekend. The day that inevitably starts the weekend binge.

We’re going bowling this afternoon. This means that my husband is going to order a pizza and a pitcher or two of Mountain Dew. I’ve prepared for this–I’ve eaten a super light breakfast and I’ll insist on water for myself. Although…mmm…Mountain Dew. It’s like crack. One drink and I’m on a bender.

Tomorrow I’ll be putting up pickles and relish with my mom. Shouldn’t be too bad of a day…only she wants to make beignets. Moderation, Kelly, moderation. I don’t have to shove them into my mouth as fast as I can. I will not die if I don’t eat more than two. It will be ok.

Agh. Weekends.


I feel great today. I really do. And I did something even more fantastical! I totally passed up McDonalds! What?! WHAT?! I totes did. I had to make a flying trip to the town 30 minutes away to pick up my iPhone from being not repaired (jerks) and my kids were *STARVING*!!! So I flew through the drive in and ordered their dinner (I know, I know–they shouldn’t be eating it either. Shoot me.) and they even got crappy Dr. Pepper so I wasn’t even tempted to sip on their soda.

So, instead, I just had a chicken breast sandwich with some guac, hummus and pita chips. Fabulous.

I’ll leave you with some of my fabulousness:

This is me, feeling fabulous...and in all my nerdy glory.

Why mess with a good thing and I’m all over the place…

Ok. So, I’m not going to do the carb thing. But not for the reasons one may think. I’m not not doing it because of the so called “carb crash” or any other side effects. In fact, I’ve felt great yesterday and today. My main concern is when I add carbs back in I’ll sabotage myself.

With that said–what the eff am I doing to myself? I know what works. I know what works. Why do I constantly have to be finding the easy way out? This process is not easy. It’s a hard, long road. I think I’m entirely too focused on lose, lose, lose. Yes, that’s my goal but I get too stressed out. I cry and I complain and I cry some more when I see that scale fluctuate back up.

And let me share a secret with you. I’ve figured out what I’m doing wrong. See, I go to class Monday through Thursday and that’s in the same town (40 minutes away from where I live) as the gym I joined. So. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and the on Friday–I just give up. This is me: “Well, you’re not going to the gym today, so you can cheat a little bit…” and that little bit turns into three days of debauchery. Because we all know what those bad foods do to us–they make us crave more and then more and more and more until we’re guilt-ridden with a full belly.

So, while I’ve got Monday through Thursdays down pat, I really need to work on the other three days a week. Walking, the Wii (Jenny, EA Active), DVD’s (Tae Bo) or some strength training–I have all this at home. There’s absolutely no reason why I need to give up.

Losing weight is a full time job–not just a sometimes job.

Sometimes I wonder if I want this bad enough, then I see people like Jennifer and Julia who have come so far in the amount of time that I’ve been struggling and I know that I can and will do this. I’m tired of saying it. I’m sick of it.

Let’s do this.

Day 1

As I said before, I’m doing good today. Let me tell you what I’ve had today.

Breakfast: 2 eggs (scrambled), cheese, green peppers–1.57 carbs
Lunch: QuikTrip Grilled Chicken Salad (lettuce, chicken, ranch dressing, shredded cheese)–2.86 carbs
Snack: String Cheese–.62 carbs
Dinner: Hamburger patty, shredded lettuce, guacamole, shredded cheese, zucchini & cabbage cooked w/bacon–10.01

That’s a total of 15.06 carbs. So I’m a little under for the day, if I’ve figured correctly. I’m good with that. I have some sugar free Jell-O in the fridge if I want a “sugary” snack.

I don’t feel bad at all–I don’t feel like I’m having any carb withdrawals. But I hear those can hit on day 3, so we’ll see. But I’m staying optimistic.

Jennifer mentioned that she has relatives who have done Atkins with great results-short term. I have thought about this and it is a little worrisome. For the most part, what I think happens is that people start incorporating too many carbs back into their diets creating that weight gain. I understand that this could happen if I’m not really careful. But I’m hoping that I’m starting a habit and I can keep it up after I start adding back in good carbs.

P.S. Go check out Jewlia!!!!  She hit her 100 lbs lost!!!


So, it’s day one of my low carb plan. I’m following the Atkin’s recommended plan of starting out for two weeks with just 20 net carbs/day. I’m up to about 7.

I have heard so many negative comments among my friends regarding this. “You’re gonna be so bitchy,” “Be prepared for the headaches and massive hunger pangs,” “Ha! Good luck with that,” and, “You’re not supposed to eliminate carbs!!”

Why is it when you want to do something that you hear so many negative things? Maybe low carb isn’t the thing for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not “good” for you. Eventually, I am going to reintroduce healthy carbs back into my daily diet. But for the next two weeks, it’s just me and those 20 net carbs.

P.S. I don’t feel bad at all so far today and I’ve been w/out carbs for 16 hours.

Good Times

Well, the holiday weekend is all wrapped up.  How did you guys do?  According to my scale, I did 3 lbs worth of bad.  Boo!  But there was no exercise at all over the 4 day weekend…and a little too much to eat.

So I hopped right back on the horse today and am having a great day.

Breakfast was a Bagel Thin with a tablespoon of whipped cream cheese.  Lunch was a Sandwich Thin with turkey and cheese, a packet of 100 calorie Cheez-Its and a peach.  And loads of iced tea–unsweetened of course.

Dinner…agh.  My mom has invited me and the fam over to finish up those pesky leftovers.

So, I think next week I may start on a low carb mission.  It was suggested to me by Jenn over at Ex-Hot Girl that maybe I have an issue with carbs.  So I’m gonna give that a go and see how I do.

Oh and me and my sister went and saw Wicked on Friday night.  It was awesome! Here we are:

That's me on the left without glasses.

We had such a good time!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

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